150 Daily Crossword Puzzles Volume 2

by Dianna Dann

Every puzzle has a theme!



The Goal Warrior Food & Health Journal

by Dianna Dann

Six months of daily pages!

Whether you're tracking your food intake to lose weight, to discover headache or fatigue triggers, or to help in your efforts toward overall health, this journal can help.

Track your food intake throughout the day. There’s room here to note calorie amounts or eating times, too.

Water is essential! Make sure you’re getting enough by checking off the bottles next to the Water Intake reminder.

Watch the caffeine! Keep an eye on your caffeine levels next to the Caffeine Intake reminder.

Aerobic exercise is important for a healthy heart. It also improves your metabolism, your mood, and quality of sleep. Keep track of your aerobic exercise under the Heart Health icon.

Strong muscles are necessary for an active, healthy life! Make note of the amount of weight you’re working with and how many reps of each exercise you’re doing on your weight-lifting days next to the Strength icon.

A good night’s sleep does wonders for your health! Sleep deprivation can affect your eating habits and vice versa. Keep track of your sleep the previous night next to the Sleep icon.

Keep track of your mood each day. This info can help you in planning the days ahead.

At the end of each day, if you are so inclined, reflect in the space provided.

Never, ever give up on your goals, so long as they are worthy.
And YOU are worth the effort!



Fifty-Five F#cking Crossword Puzzles

by Dianna Dann

Fifty-five daily-sized, fun crossword puzzles, each containing some form of the f-word, and one or two other choice letter combinations.

 Great gift for word-puzzlers, crossword lovers, f-word connoisseurs, and swearers of all kinds!



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