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Fifty-Five F#cking Crossword Puzzles

by Dianna Dann

Fifty-five daily-sized, fun crossword puzzles, each containing some form of the f-word, and one or two other choice letter combinations.

 Great gift for word-puzzlers, crossword lovers, f-word connoisseurs, and swearers of all kinds!



Wordsearch: USA

by Dianna Dann

From authors to Presidents
Alaska to Florida
Mountains to prairies
From the famous to the infamous
Our favorite foods
Beaches, lakes, and holidays

From sea to shining sea...

Enjoy 200 wordsearch puzzles focused on the USA!


Crossword Puzzles

150 Daily Crossword Puzzles

Volume 1

by Dianna Dann

150 fun & challenging daily crossword puzzles 


Variety Word Puzzles