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by Dianna Dann

A haunting coming-of-age story of depression, alcoholism, suicide, and hope...spiced with a touch of wit.

"Camelia...isn't here."
"What would Camelia think about that?"
I wanted to tell Dr. Crazy that I couldn't be bothered with what Camelia would think, or want, or do. But every time I practiced the speech I crawled further inside what was left of my wilted, frayed cocoon and tried to block out the light. I'd betrayed her. I'd betrayed us both.

April MacMillan is drunk, standing on the roof of Three River Terrace seven stories up, ready to jump to her death, when she remembers Camelia.
Will the truth about Camelia save her? Or will it lead her back to the roof?

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Dianna Dann "has taken the reader on a ride through that inner world, a richly detailed one that stays with the reader long after the book is done."

-- Judge, 22nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

Nov 5, 2014

"Camelia has stolen my heart...one of the best books I've ever read."

-- The Literary Connoisseur

Oct 22, 2013

Royal Palm Literary Award

Florida Writers Association

Royal Palm Literary Award is a service of the Florida Writers Association established to recognize excellent in members’ published and unpublished works while providing objective and constructive written assessments for all entrants.

Women's Fiction

First Place

Oct 25, 2014


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