How can I submit my book for publication?
We are sorry, but Wayward Cat Publishing is closed to submissions at this time.

Which came first, the Wayward Cat name and logo, or the children's books with Wayward Cat?
Our name and logo came first. It was a year after we were founded that the idea of a series of children's books featuring our quirky wayward cat hit us over the head.

How many books do you publish each year?
We are working toward a goal of six books each year, but we're not quite there yet (to say the least).

How can I tell if your books are suitable for my child?
We urge readers to preview samples of our books using the wonderful "Look Inside" feature available on our Kindle editions at Amazon.com. With that in mind, our Wayward Cat Adventures series is suitable for children of all ages and Zombie Cats is aimed at kids aged 9 and up.

I'd like to sign up for your newsletter, but I don't like a lot of spam and a crowded inbox. How often do you send them out?
We send out our newsletter only when we have new titles for your consideration. Because we are a small company, that means rarely. Go ahead and give it a try. It's easy to unsubscribe if you change your mind.