Dianna Dann writes mainstream, literary fiction and romantic comedy.

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Bury Me
by Dianna Dann

Lenore Hawn lives in a cocoon, surrounded by her hoard.When her young neighbor, Hannah, agrees to help her find something lost in the piles of junk she’s crammed into every free space of her house, she thinks she might finally be able to release the guilt and shame that has tormented her all these years.

The last thing seventeen-year-old Hannah wants is to dig through mounds of stinky trash in Mrs. Hawn’s house. But for that kind of money...it’ll be worth it. And what the old lady doesn’t know can’t hurt her. After all, she’s already dying...

Two women. Two secrets. One road to redemption.

Recipient of the 2017 Don Argo Award for the best in Florida Fiction

Eric Hoffer Award Finalist

Royal Palm Literary Awards Finalist

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Bookish Meets Boy
A Downtown Divas Romance
by Dianna Dann

2016 Eric Hoffer Book Award
Honorable Mention
Commercial Fiction

Six months after being dumped by the love of her life, Sophie Childers just wants to go back to her old life. She was happy spending her days at her grandfather’s shop, Bookish, and her nights curled up with her cats and a good book.

But once Reese Fuller stumbles into her life—or she tumbles into his—she is suddenly caught up in the social life, brunching with the Downtown Divas (the boss girls she never considered friendship material before), playing matchmaker to nerds, starting up The Great Antiques War of Historic Downtown Strawbridge and worse, desperately trying to find homes for her darling colony of stray cats before Reese chases them off with his new-store renovations.

Can a cross-genre kind of girl really let herself fall for a cat-hating thriller reader?

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Always Magnolia
by Dianna Dann

It was always Magnolia;
Only Magnolia would do.

A love story for the fractured and broken...

Bobby Jack Beaumont has been forgetting for as long as Magnolia has known him. It was easy to let him do it--nobody wanted to remember those things.

Now he's out in the scrub by the railroad tracks, lost and empty. He's forgotten all of it--everything. Even Magnolia.

If she reminds him, if she tells it just so...they can fix the past and he'll come home again.

But not every bad thing can be fixed by telling a different story.

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National Indie Excellence Awards
Literary Fiction

23rd Annual Writer's Digest Self-published Book Awards
Honorable Mention
mainstream/literary category

2015 Royal Palm Literary Awards
First Place
Women's Fiction

2015 Eric Hoffer Award
for Independent Books
Category Finalist

by Dianna Dann

April MacMillan is drunk, standing on the roof of Three River Terrace seven stories up, ready to jump to her death, when she remembers Camelia.

Will the truth about Camelia save her? Or will it lead her back to the roof?

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"Camelia has stolen my heart...one of the best books I've ever read."
                                                           ---The Literary Connoisseur

Dianna Dann "has taken the reader on a ride through that inner world, a richly detailed one that stays with the reader long after the book is done."
     ---Judge, 22nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

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2014 Royal Palm Literary Awards
sponsored by the Florida Writers Association

First Place
Women's Fiction