Wayward Cat Finds a Home
by Dana Trantham
Illustrations by Brandi Trantham

A little cat with a BIG imagination!

Wayward Cat was born to a stray cat in Mrs. Person's garage. Soon, he's off to the adoption center to find a new home.

His chances of success are slim when no one wants him and he must go home with a volunteer.

Can he convince his new housemate, Squeakers, to let him stay?

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2015 Eric Hoffer Award
for Independent Books
Honorable Mention
in the children's category

Ages 8 and up

Zombie Cats
by Dana Trantham 

All of the cats in Alfie Whitaker's neighborhood are turning into zombies!

If he and his friends can't find a cure, their summer will be ruined--they'll be quarantined and studied.

Or worse, Brian The Alien Watley will chop off their heads!
(The cats' heads, not his friends' heads.)

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Ages 10 and up